Switching to Grand Teton Health Primary Care is about choosing a new, better way to go about your caring for yourself. Grand Teton Health members are given great preventative health and wellness help.

In addition to giving you better, longer, and more personal access to your physician, Direct Primary Care can save you money. $99 per month gives you access to a very wide range of free services provided at Dr. Figg’s office on Broadway in the center of Jackson. It also saves you money on laboratory services, saving you an average of 65% on blood work; in some cases as much as 90% off retail prices.

Say you’re a healthy young person, who doesn’t need to see a doctor frequently. An accident happens at home cooking, and you need stitches. That will generally set you back $250 or more at the hospital or urgent care; Dr. Figg’s laceration repair is free with your membership.

Say you’re not ill, but you know there’s a better version of yourself out there. You don’t want to hire a nutritionist, and; you’re not much of a gym-goer. Wellness planning and weight management are included with all Grand Teton Health memberships.

All consultations are free; call our office at 307-264-5828 to discuss your healthcare options today!