You know that your diet affects your health, but did you know that your DNA affects what your optimal diet may be? Dr. Figg performs nutrigenomic testing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to help you determine your optimal diet based on your genetics for optimal health and wellness.

Feel better than ever with a diet designed for your body

If you’ve struggled to lose weight or gain muscle, or you just want to get to know your body a little better and become aware of your genetic predispositions, nutrigenomic testing may be just what you need.

While we all need the same nutrients to survive and stay healthy, subtle variations in our genetics caused by our unique DNA may predispose us to certain conditions or affect our bodies’ digestion, absorption and metabolism.

Nutrigenomic testing is a simple and painless way to obtain a complete profile of your DNA and what unique changes you can make to maintain optimal health and wellness.

For more information about nutrigenomic testing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, contact Dr. Jonathan Figg of Grand Teton Health today!

Nutrigenomic Testing