Coming Soon: IV Therapy at Grand Teton Health

IV Vitamin therapy is a powerful way to treat your body with the hydration and nutrients it needs to function at peak efficiency. Whether you need a boost for your workouts, to boost your immune system, receive supplemental nutrition or recover from dehydration, there is an IV therapy solution for you.

To learn more and be the first to know when IV Therapy is available, contact Dr. Jacob Figg at Grand Teton Health.

Benefits of IV Therapy

Simply giving your body an infusion of hydration and nutrition can provide incredible benefits. Below are some of the most popular benefits sought out through IV Therapy.


Removing toxins, battling oxidants and supplying your body the hydration and nutrition it needs can help you both look and feel younger!

Athletic Improvement

Give your body the nutrients it needs to recover fast, rebuild muscle and improve stamina.

Surgery Recovery

Even after small surgeries, your body has to recover. Give yourself a boost with an infusion designed to get you back on your feet.

Immune Health

Fuel your immune system with vitamins and minerals to combat viruses and disease.


Toxins are all around us, but the right nutrients delivered through IV therapy can bind to toxins and safely remove them from your body.