Want amazing, personalized healthcare, without the drama of waiting rooms, insurance claims, and time constraints?

You’re in the right place.
This is primary care the way it should be. No long waits, crowded waiting room, unnecessary barriers, or inflated costs.

Member Benefits

Save money and see your doctor at your convenience with our membership pricing! We offer quality patient care for low monthly rates through concierge medicine in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. With Grand Teton Health’s transparent membership pricing, you’ll never be blindsided with unexpected medical bills.

Grand Teton Health is different from any primary care you’ve experienced. Dr. Figg doesn’t answer to insurance companies, he answers to you, his patient. Because of that unique relationship, you’ll benefit in a variety of ways.

  • Unlimited office visits, home visits, and telemedicine visits

  • Convenient access by phone, text, and email

  • Extended appointments of 30-60 minutes

  • Same and next-day scheduling

  • In-office procedures included free-of-charge

  • Costco-like discounts on meds and labs up to 95% less than insurance-based prices

All for one low monthly fee.

Member Pricing


  • 14-18 with at least 1 parent member




  • groups with 5+ employees

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $75 per adult.

Exclusive Medical Pricing

We pass our savings directly on to you with exclusive membership pricing on an extensive list of medications. Curious about a certain medication? Call us today for our most up-to-date pricing. Compare services and lab costs below.

Service Member Price Retail Price
Comprehensive Physical Exam Included $150
Wellness Planning Included $130
Weight Management Included $110
Smoking Cessation Included $75
Acute Illness Evaluation Included $75-$150
Chronic Condition Management Included $130-$250
Ear Wax Removal Included $160
EKG Included $175
BHRT Management Included $400+
Supplement Optimization Included $400+
Labs Member Price Retail Price
Blood Draw Included $15
CBC (blood counts) $5 $30
CMP (kidney & liver functions) $5 $30
Lipid Panel (Cholesterol) $5 $40
PT/INR (warfarin) $5 $25
Hemoglobin A1c (diabetes) $5 $40
Vitamin D Level $15 $75
ESR (inflammation) $5 $30
CRP (inflammation) $5 $60
PSA (Prostate) $5 $50
Testosterone free/total $25 $150
TSH (thyroid) $5 $55
Uric Acid (gout) $5 $25
FSH & LH $10 $80
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Jackson Hole, WY Direct Primary Care for Employers

It’s no secret that healthcare costs continue to rise at an unsustainable rate. Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a solution.

​For employers who currently don’t provide benefits and are put off by the cost of major medical plans, DPC provides a fantastic value at an affordable price.

​For employers looking to provide major medical benefits at a lower price, DPC couples extremely well with a self-funded or level-funded insurance plan to improve access, and lower the overall cost of care.

$60 per member/ month

Employer groups with 5+ employees

​Some benefits of Direct Primary Care for employers:​​

  • Improve employee access to care
  • Reduce work lost to travel & waiting rooms
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve employee wellness
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Improve employee retention
  • Reduce healthcare costs by 20-50%

Every employer is unique, and we believe that you deserve a unique solution. Contact us to discuss how we can help find a healthcare solution that fits your company!