Grand Teton Health is different from any primary care you’ve experienced. Dr. Figg doesn’t answer to insurance companies, he answers to you, his patient. Because of that unique relationship, you’ll benefit in a variety of ways.
  • Unlimited office visits, home visits, and telemedicine visits
  • Convenient access by phone, text, and email
  • Extended appointments of 30-60 minutes
  • Same and next-day scheduling
  • In-office procedures included free-of-charge
  • Costco like discounts on meds and labs up to 95% less than insurance-based prices

What to Expect

Once you enroll as a patient, you’ll have convenient access to our online patient portal. There, you can upload your health history, request records, add a headshot, choose a preferred pharmacy and let us know about any medications and supplements you are taking.

New patient visits may be conducted remotely via Zoom or in person once it is safe to do so. Your initial visit lasts up to 60 minutes and will be focused on understanding your medical history, health priorities and any acute problems that need addressing. Generally, we do not perform lab work on your initial visit. Rather, we will schedule a follow-up after identifying what tests need to be performed.

Follow-up appointments can be scheduled through the portal, and patients are also encouraged to contact Dr. Figg by text or email. We believe in convenient and easy communication with your doctor at any time.

Let’s get started!

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