Kudos to the NY Times for focusing on this. All to often, industrialized medicine loses sight of this critical element: the relationship between doctor and patient. Instead they focus on metrics, checked boxes, coded diagnoses, assembly-line medicine. Studies have shown that spending more time with patients improves outcomes. People trust their doctor who listens to them and cares about what they care about.

I hear all the time that most people’s experience of doctors around here involves the waiting room or the checkout counter. Those occupy far more time than the actual interaction with their doctor. I think you deserve better than that. You deserve to see your doctor, not a sterile waiting room. You deserve to have your doctor listen and understand you, not be thinking about the computer screen and the next 20 patients. You deserve to feel like a person, not just another number.

You deserve direct primary care. Old-fashioned medicine, made new again.

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-Dr. Figg