Get the benefits of fasting without giving up food!

Fasting is a very effective way to lose weight, improve insulin resistance and improve autophagy (cellular clean-up). However, many people do not tolerate fasting very well. Fasting often leads to headaches, poor moods, shakiness and dizziness.

With the ProLon Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD), you can experience the benefits of fasting without the side effects and while still eating! To get started with ProLon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, contact healthy weight loss specialist Dr. Jonathan Figg at Grand Teton Health today!

What is ProLon?

The ProLon FMD is a 5-day meal program like nothing you’ve tried before. Every ingredient is scientifically chosen to give you the nutrition you need while burning fat and shedding pounds.

Enjoy tasty plant-based foods including soups, bars, snacks, teas and supplements. Each food item is labeled by day and ready to eat or easy to prepare.

For more information on improving your health and shedding weight fast, call our office today to schedule a consultation!

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