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“I try my hardest not to be a difficult patient, but I also felt like I had to be so overly proactive in finding ways to make myself healthier, and going from doctor to doctor, that it was exhausting! What a relief to have a doctor who cares enough to text me and call me to see how I am doing instead of my calling him over and over. I have migraines, and the first appointment he said, ‘I might not have the answers now, but I won’t stop until I do.’ What a relief!! I felt listened to for the first time, and that someone was treating the problem, not the symptoms! I tell everyone about Dr. Figg and highly highly recommend him to all!”

Isabel B.

“Dr. Figg is responsive, communicative and best of all cares about his patients! I highly recommend Grand Teton Health as an affordable health care provider.”

Lindsay W.
“Dr. Figg is the best! I highly recommend him! Very friendly and very wise.”

“Dr. Figg is a wonderful doctor and never rushes me through an appointment. He is thorough in my exams and is quite knowledgeable on new meds and options for treating my migraines. Our family wouldn’t go to any other doc in Jackson.”

Kimberlee S.

“I read about Dr. Figg in an online article in the Jackson Wy paper. I was thrilled to learn that a Direct Primary Care Doctor was now available near me (Alpine Wy). After contacting Dr. Figg, he emailed all the details of his practice in Direct Primary Care. In the introductory appointment, I met a very caring man and Dr. who did not rush an appointment. I was a person to him, and not just a patient. Financially, his practice has become a lifesaver for me; I don’t have to be concerned about cost every time I need to visit. I can also call or email directly, something unheard of today! l. He has saved me so much in medical cost, not only through the monthly fee, but also in reduced rates for other outside medical bills. He works to provide affordable, personable, responsible care for each one of his patients. What’s more, I count him as a friend.”

Lisa O.
“Very personal care whenever you need it.”

Stan W.

“I recently texted Dr. Figg about a lingering cough; not only did he text me back right away, but I saw him 30 minutes later for an appointment. I call that real time health care on my terms.”