One of the best facets of direct primary care is the focus on preventive care and wellness planning. Because patients pay an annual or monthly membership fee, there is no cost for visits just to check up or to ask your physician questions. If you are looking for nutritional or exercise or dietary advice, seeing Dr. Figg is a terrific option. This prevents you from having to hire an additional person for these sorts of things–Grand Teton Health is your one-stop shop for getting and keeping yourself healthy.

Spending time with your doctor under normal and healthy circumstances helps build trust for when you are ill, too. This establishes a stronger doctor-patient relationship, which, studies show, results in healthier outcomes.

While it isn’t necessarily related to a patient’s decision to switch to direct primary care, doctors around the country report higher job satisfaction from participating in the direct primary care model. This is likely due to higher patient satisfaction, more time spent with patients, and less time spent dealing with insurers and paperwork. This is important, because burned-out doctors are less likely to give their patients the time and attention they deserve.

If you have any questions about the scope of your membership with Grand Teton Health, please don’t hesitate to setup a free, no obligation visit to meet with Dr. Figg and discuss your healthcare needs.